Our ESL solar films are printed on transparent and flexible materials. Our films can be made into most colours and the transparency drops allowing 40 % visibility during usage
Solar films work well in ambient light BUT the best performance is in direct sunlight.
Our ESL solar films are more efficient and more powerful in creating electricity than the regular solid panels either mono or polycrystaline types.
Production this time in dark colour. Other colours also available depending on customer order.



Eco Synthetics Limited  manufactures distributes and supplies very  high quality solar photovoltaic modules and accessories and through its network of dealers make them available distributors at economic prices for installation across the world. The Group is heralding a solar energy revolution globally by executing mega Solar Power generation projects on EPC basis, solar roof-tops and captive solar plants for domestic and industry.

Eco Synthetics Limited  develops Solar Panels, Photovoltaic cells, Single phase, Three phase and Hybrid Inverters through continuous R & D with help from our experts.

” Eco Synthetics is an ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 accredited company ”

The way forward…
Our top priority now and in coming years is to carry out the service of installations using most modern technology with optimum cost effectiveness.  As a group we are eager to expand  our operations and dealer network to more countries across the globe in the near future.

By 2018 , Ecosynthetics Limited envisage the expansion of their installations to 1000 MW and increase the sales turnover to a very high figure reaching into several hundred millions