1 kw Powerbank

Nearly 1000 w packed into this portable little unit will become an essential part of any trips.  

Several ports to us the power from USB top recharge your phones and other devices to appliance socket to plug in your household appliance like fan or light or TV or any other power operated device.

Can be charged in 2 hours using normal household power and then you can take that power to any other site.

5kwh battery suitcase1
5kwh battery suitcase2 5 Kwh  High density Battery

Very high density battery breaking new barriers in power to weight ratios.

Can be charged using household AC power within 3 hours to give a long and very highly condensed power supply for a long time. Great for events, campsites, construction sites and many more areas where portable power supply will improve the progress .

Packed as a airport suitcase it is easy to wheel around and can replace your petrol or diesel driven generator.