High Density Battery

 El Toro 1.5 Kw infant labelled

 El toro I 1.5 kWh

El toro 1.5 Kw Infant 6
El toro 1.5 Kw Infant 5
El Toro 1.5 Kw infant 2
El Toro 1.5 kw connection

Connection to El Toro 1.5 Infant


El Toro 5kw Baby

El Toro 5kwh Baby

El Toro 5kw Baby2

El Toro 5.0 Baby , mobility feature.


  • Can be retrofitted on many surfaces or back of devices or solar panels.
  • Environmentally friendly because they do not contain heavy metals.
  • Minimise material whilst delivering required output.
  • Does not need external liquid cooling .
  • Can be used to power up from solar panels OR direct AC during off peak cheap domestic rates.
  • Silently continues to work in charging OR discharging.
  • Very fast charging up time.
  • Discharging AC to operate home or business appliances.
  • Can be fitted indoor or outdoor.



Very high density battery with probably the highest power to weight ration .

Designed to be used as an everyday power support OR as a backup during outages El Toro batteries have facility for DC input directly from solar panels or wind turbines as well as the flexibility to charge up from grid during low rates periods of the night.

The output is AC as required.

EL TORO batteries are neater and lighter than competition and are fast to charge up and with a long 5 year warranty. All this without any increase in prices.

This is the new Lithium ion polymer chemistry.

Without any liquid cooling EL TORO batteries are completely SILENT  unlike  some batteries which sound like  refrigerators due to liquid cooling.

Very verasatile battery which is ready for use off grid on construction sites OR  worksites OR medical camps OR  even  fit into an EV for extra miles. 

This is a C 3 classification battery which can discharge very high power .